The Most Popular Wedding Cars in the UK

Chauffeur Wedding CarsThere are so many different approaches to weddings today, from outdoor parties, to solemn church affairs. Just as wedding gown fashions come and go, so do wedding car choices.

There are over two hundred thousand weddings in the UK every year. The most popular wedding cars hired for 'that special day' vary by the changing seasons.

The promise of sunshine and clear skies in the summer months see a preference for open topped options such as convertible porches and cabriolets. Providing a supercharged ride to and from receptions, many brides and grooms love celebrating with style and speed. Bookers that are more traditional go for the convertible Rolls Royce Beaufords with the full chauffeur service included.

Another very popular among chauffeur driven wedding cars is the traditional Bentley R type. Originally, Bentley made only 2300 cars in the R type range. These cars make nuptials feel incredibly special, and come with gorgeous cream or grey luxury leather interiors and walnut panelling.

Recent years have seen a twist on the traditional wedding with the choice of wedding cars turning to individual taste. Popular choices include 1930s replicas of the Ford Bramith, which seating more than five people and great for brides with larger dresses and longer trains. Resourceful wedding car bookers turned to decked-out Morris Minors from the 1920s, converted London taxis circa 1940s, and other vintage-style options. Traditional cars have received a bit of a competition from the vintage classic car market. This is perhaps a reflection of economic trends, as adopted brands with less prestige factor cost a bit less to hire.

Sticking with tradition, the ever-popular Daimler still ranks high as the wedding car of choice. Usually painted white, the car has an elegant and stylish appearance and looks great in the background of wedding photographs. Other white wedding cars, which remain incredibly popular, include the Rolls Royce Ghost and Rolls Royce Phantom cars.

Big weddings, including lots of bridesmaids and groomsmen, opt for chauffeur driven limousines - avoiding the startling pink and blue cars - usually booked for stag/hen nights. Limousine bookings are a growing trend with younger wedding bookers, as many friends and guests can share in the luxury of wedding travel, and enjoy a fantastic party atmosphere.

Many weddings now opt to transport guests inside a chauffeur driven London Double Decker bus. This is becoming a popular idea. Treating your English weddings guests in this way, particularly in London and the South East, marks location and is a 'nod' to London culture. The iconic symbol of the bus is perfect as a statement piece, and an excellent way to control the arrival of guests. An added bonus, is the backdrop makes a great picture to sent to absent friends overseas.

Interestingly, one of the most popular wedding cars in 2013 was the Range Rover! This brief trend was the result of the introduction of the new and sleek diesel 4x4s, which appealed to many rural wedding goers. This was the year of the infamous "barbeque summer" predicted on the BBC news, which in fact turned out to be the wettest summer on record. With brides arriving in Wellington boots and white gowns, it is no wonder the pragmatic Range Rover option took first place.

One trend remains certain - a chauffeur driven wedding car adds a little touch of luxury to the perfect wedding celebration.