Essential Chauffeur Products and Services

Essential Chauffeur Products and ServicesFrom navigation tools to in-car amenities, there are a number of products and services that are essential for limousine and executive car drivers. Chauffeurs must ensure that their passengers get to their destination on time and with as little hassle as possible. They should also provide a comfortable ride to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction in order to encourage an ongoing business relationship and referrals.

Navigation Tools

A client can ask a chauffeur to drive them to any location. The desired destination may not be within a city and may be in a location that the driver is unfamiliar with, despite having a good grasp of directions within the city they service. Having navigation tools such as satellite navigation (SatNav) will ensure that a driver never has to ask for directions. SatNav devices have global coverage, which means you can navigate to a destination with a high degree of reliability. It also provides clients with confidence that their driver will take them to their destination as quickly as possible without getting lost.

Business Attire

While a uniform may not be necessary, appropriate business attire is a must for limousine drivers. The proper clothes including a suit and tie help to project a professional service. Wearing a dark coloured suit and tie is preferred when transporting business travellers and VIPs. It is also a good choice of attire when transporting passengers to and from formal events, including weddings and funerals. Unbranded attire is often best, particularly for clients who are looking for a discreet service.

In-Car Refreshments

Depending on the type of vehicle and how much space available, most limousine services provide some sort of refreshment for their clients. A refreshment service might include at-seat bottled water or a bar service with a range of drink options in larger cars. At the very least, a chauffeur should keep a cooler with chilled bottled water to offer their clients when meeting clients at their pick-up point as a courtesy.

In-Car Entertainment

In-car entertainment is an increasingly popular service for limousine operators, especially with the integration of technology in newer vehicles. Amenities in the car are a great way to help clients relax on their journey. This type of service can be as basic as having a selection of current newspapers and magazines in the car. A guidebook about the city where the limousine service is based is also helpful for clients who are unfamiliar with the location. Other entertainment options might include a DVD player or seat back LCD screen. If transporting families, children's books might also be a good way to keep younger

Car Care and Cleaning Products

Getting a full car wash may not be practical when rushing between jobs. At the same time, it is important to keep a vehicle used to transport passengers as clean as possible. A messy or dirty vehicle can result in lost business and poor recommendations. A chauffeur should also have cleaning products in their limousine for regular cleaning and on-the-spot remedies for any stains or other issues that might arise while transporting clients. High-quality microfiber towels, polish or wax and a stain remover are essential products to have on hand, as well as all-cleaning wipes for leather and glass.

Business Cards

Repeat business is a major aspect of any limousine operation. It is important to try to make a good impression in order to have ongoing relationships with customers. Having business cards is essential if you want clients to come back or refer your service to their colleagues, friends or family. Investing in attractive yet simple business cards is a great way for a client or referral to book a ride in the future. The business card should include the driver's name and the limousine operator or company, as well as contact information such as a business number, mobile number and email address. If the limousine service has a website or offers online booking, these details should also be included on the card.