Limousine Services

Limousine ServicesLimousine vehicles are available in an ever increasing variety of colours and models. Traditionally they are a luxury car that is longer than a standard vehicle and either black or white in colour. There is almost always a barrier between the driver and the rear passenger area of the vehicle with a sliding glass window that closes for privacy in the passenger compartment. The extra length of the vehicle provides ample room for passengers to stretch out and relax.

Although limousines are often owned by wealthy people who employ their own chauffeur, the vast majority of limousines belong to agencies that hire out bothM limousine and chauffeur. These services allow for people of moderate income to celebrate special events and treat themselves to luxury transportation at reasonable rates. There are three different kinds of limousines available for hire.

Stretch Limousines

The stretch limousine is ideal for parties or for transporting groups of people to an event. The passenger area is extended and benches are situated lengthwise on each side of the vehicle so that passengers can face each other and have lively discussions. Stretch limousines are especially popular for weddings and other formal events where the ample interior space is ideal for passengers wanting to keep their garments from becoming dishevelled.

Traditional Limousines

In the traditional limousine, the passenger area is extended to allow for more leg room. Like most vehicles, up to three passengers may sit across the back seat and face forward. In older models, two more people may sit facing the back of the vehicle in folding seats behind the chauffeur. The traditional limousine has a more conservative appearance than the stretch limousine and is preferred by businesses for picking up VIPs at the airport or for travelling to meetings. These limousines are also ideal vehicles for couples having a special night out, allowing them to enjoy each other's conversation while the chauffeur worries about navigating the roadways.

Stage Limousines

Excellent for transporting very large groups, stage limousines look and function like a combination of a bus and a luxury sedan. Like a bus, there are multiple rows of passenger seats that all face forward. Often there are also multiple doors to allow for easy entry to all of the seats. These vehicles are frequently used by travel agencies to transport groups from airports to hotels. They are also a good choice for transporting a wedding party from the church to the reception or large groups of staff to a corporate event. Black models are often used for transporting families to a funeral.

Extra Features

Along with a hired chauffeur, there are many other small luxuries that a limousine service may offer. Limousines often come with a stocked bar or snack centre where passengers can serve themselves. They may also be equipped with a television and a selection of movies, a fantastic stereo system, a car phone and may even have internet service. Some exotic limousines even come with a hot tub and sun roof.